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:: Wholesale prices (to shops) are listed :: Retail prices (to individuals) are double ::

::Please note::
This is a wholesale website and is geared towards those working professionally in the body art fields.
All of our prices listed on this website, as well as our printed price list cover sheet and the catalog pages are wholesale; retail customers (individuals) pay twice the listed prices for jewelry. The focus of Organic is wholesale to the trade. Wholesale customers are those that intend to buy jewelry to be resold in a retail store. We sell wholesale to the trade only. This is to protect our core customers, retail shops, so that we do not compete with them by selling jewelry for wholesale to retail customers. Jewelry purchased or intended for individual use will be sold at retail prices.

We will ask potential wholesale customers to provide:
#A) Proof of legitimate business:
a copy of the business or wholesale license or seller's permit;
#B) Proof that the business is in the body modification industry
(not required if the company name includes the words Piercing or Tattoo):
a business card, letterhead stationary, OR an advertisement
in a local paper or the yellow pages of the phonebook. All the addresses should match.

Substitutions for #A can include: the letter from the IRS assigning Employer Identification Number (EIN), a health department certificate of inspection, or a photo of your storefront showing the sign and address.
Substitutions for #B can include: a copy of an invoice from another company showing wholesale quantities of body piercing jewelry being purchased.

Please note that we do NOT accept websites as proof,
unless it is a link to a government website showing your business registration
which does not require us to log on.

This information can be e-mailed as an attached file, mailed, or faxed to us before placing a wholesale order.
Our fax number is the same as our telephone number. We must be here to manually turn on our ancient fax machine, so please fax during our business hours; please call first to ensure we will not be using the line.

If the above items are not available, you are welcome to order from us at retail prices.

We also offer wholesale prices with NO documentation for orders of $500 or more.
This is mainly intended for new businesses within the industry who do not yet have proof.
Orders must be placed by phone, prepaid via money order, and shipped to a single address.
Note that this does not place you on our wholesale list,
which is completed only once wholesale proof has been submitted and approved.

Wholesale prices for relevant ethnic jewelry are extended as a courtesy to ethnic dance groups,
such as (but not limited to) native American or native Alaskan, Indian, or tribal belly dance troups;
these must still be operated as a business entity and proof will be required as listed above.

Wholesale prices are also extended as a courtesy to bona fide museums.

We know this will only apply to a very few retail folks reading this, but it must be said:
Please do not misrepresent yourself; we do not appreciate it, we would never do that to you, and it's a horrible way to start out a business relationship. We prefer to do business with honor and respect.

We do not currently have a minimum order requirement,
though we don't usually process orders when the total of the items purchased
is less than the total of the shipping cost.

Local shop recommendations/custom orders:
We give out the names of shops who have purchased from us to retail customers who are looking to buy locally. If you do NOT want your information given out, please let us know. We encourage retail customers to buy from retail shops; however, we have received many comments from them that their local shops are not willing to place an order on their behalf. These are your customers - please give us a call (even when they're standing right there, we'll be able to answer your questions about price, availability, and shipping so that you can give them an accurate quote), take a deposit, and keep them as your own customers! We prefer to sell wholesale only; it doesn't take too much effort to do your part, and everyone wins!

Catalog pages without jewelry prices are occasionally available for download - these may be printed out and shown to your customers in your shop! They must be kept intact; the website address and copyright must be kept on them; no permission is granted to use our images in any other way.
These have been taken down as we have run out of space on our server... stay tuned!

Bulk pricing/quantity discounts, designed for wholesale customers.
There are some items that we have larger quantities of, and can offer discounts
if at least 5 pairs (10 pieces) of the same thing are ordered.
Other quantity discounts with smaller minimums are as indicated.

These items include:
Stones: cylinders and rods (#DD) and talon shapes (#GG) -
prices are 1 pair for $10, 2 pairs for $15, 3 pairs for $20, 4 pairs for $25, 5 pairs for $30;
as well as many of the stone plugs with drilled holes a la beads
(these appear on the stone page and on the right-hand of catalog page 2).
Bone, horn, quills, shell: African and American porcupine quills, snake ribs, dentalium shell sections, raccoon baculum, horn hairpipes, bone talon and taper shapes
(all from the bottom of the horn and bone page; also appearing on catalog page 4).
Ethnic jewelry: Koochi tribe earrings (on catalog page 8, and the jewelry from the Middle East page);
prices are 1 pair for $20, 2 pairs for $35, 3 pairs for $50, 4 pairs for $65, 5 pairs for $80.

Also: be sure to check out our Etsy page for bulk and unfinished items, raw materials, odds and ends, inlay materials, and other useful things for other makers.

SALES are posted online and on the catalog pages, and currently include:
1-1/2" through 1-7/8" hollow silver plugs with stars cut-out of the front flares
(appearing on the silver and bronze page and catalog page 5),
HORN: any pieces with quality issues (such as warping, crazy inlays, mismatched sizes, checks, etc.),
and our mysterious drawer of seconds and closeouts (some as low as $1/pair!):
mainly stone drilled plugs (a la beads) that have lumpy flares and a few other odds and ends. Please ask!

Please call or fax with your orders and questions, the number is: (503) 240-0260.
We accept calls and faxes between 12noon-4pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.
We do not pick up the phone before noon, but we usually answer until 7pm
if we are not too busy packaging our hearts away.
Priority is given to calls rather than emails. We do appreciate it!!!

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:: Wholesale prices (to shops) are listed :: Retail prices (to individuals) are double ::


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