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:: Wholesale prices (to shops) are listed :: Retail prices (to individuals) are double ::

This page contains links for viewing and downloading our price list cover sheet and catalog pages. As we stock handmade, unique, and small-run jewelry, our supply is always shifting, and we update these pages frequently to keep the catalog current. To keep costs down and our catalog current, we do not publish printed color catalog pages. If we were to do so, our prices would rise dramatically due to printing costs; also, by the time printing was finished, we may have sold out of many of the items, especially one-of-a-kind pieces.
The individual images and descriptions on this website give much more thorough details on everything... whereas the catalog pages below provide a more concise overview.

A color pricelist cover sheet and black and white versions of these catalog pages
can be requested through snail mail for $2 (US addresses only), mailed to:
Organic LLC, P.O. Box 17656, Portland, OR 97217-0656
Please be sure to include all of your information including address AND phone number.
Although catalogs used to be sent gratis to businesses and were included with all orders,
we now encourage all customers to view and download them here if at all possible to save paper.

Download the pages yourself for free right here and now to avoid costs and time delays in receiving these through the mail, and get decent color printouts in bargain. Please do not send these images or areas of them back to us with email inquiries; instead, each item is clearly labeled with a description that can be easily typed in as reference. Finally, there will always be a few items which have never made it onto neither the catalog nor the website; please see the descriptive labels within the pages themselves or ask about the "not shown" items.

These 8.5" X 11" images are available as both 72dpi .jpg's (most under 200k)
for quicker loading and for online viewing (though not recommended for printing), and
at 150dpi .pdf's (most under 900k) to download in a higher resolution (meant for printing in color).
Please follow the link below to download Adobe Acrobat Reader (free!)
for viewing PDF's (Portable Document Format):

*Organic LLC natural body piercing jewelry wholesale catalog price list cover sheet*

Click here for our full Organic LLC catalog!
(front and back cover sheet and 12 catalog pages... about 5.5MB)

We have created a new Organic LLC catalog catalog for Spring 2017!
The all-new combined .pdf has been posted above, along with
the individual cover sheets and pages below. Enjoy!
The cover sheets, pages 1, 10, and 11 have been updated for Spring 2017.

*Organic LLC natural body piercing jewelry wholesale catalog price list cover sheet* ::OR::
Start here to view or download the individual pages:

Pricelist: Front cover page .jpg (210k) or
Pricelist: Front cover page .pdf (675k)

Pricelist: Back cover page .jpg (215k) or
Pricelist: Back cover page .pdf (695k)

The latest Spring 2017 pricelist cover sheet is on red paper.

The price list cover sheet has an introduction and news section,
and contains written descriptions of what Organic LLC has to offer.
It does not contain pictures.

*Organic body jewelry catalog page one*

Page 1 .jpg (302k) or Page 1 .pdf (740k)
shows our two-color poppy mandala shirts
(the Kikuyu woman design has sold out),
examples of hardwood and bamboo plugs,
black bamboo, bamboo with burnt designs,
information on what we currently have in stock in
Baltic amber plugs, Mexican amber plugs and labrets,
obsidian, jade, and other stone labrets and septums,
amber and copal specimens with bugs, and stone cylinders.

*Organic piercing jewelry catalog page two*

Page 2 .jpg (230k) or Page 2 .pdf (870k)
has a totally updated listing of colorful stone jewelry, including:
double flared saddle shaped plugs, cylinders, hollow eyelets, one-flares, talons, tapers, rods, crescents, septum shapes, serpentine dragon weights, jade and quartz ear weights, etc.
Also shown are:
a list of not shown stone and stone bead bracelets,
information on stones that qualify for quantity discounts, and
sales on many of the stone plugs drilled like beads on the upper right side...
look for prices in red on this catalog page and the website!

*Organic LLC body piercing jewelry catalog page three horn and bone* Page 3 .jpg (235k) or Page 3 .pdf (1.0MB)
shows horn and bone jewelry as well as
a comprehensive listing of prices and what is currently in stock in that arena.
Lots of different types of horn plugs with engraved or bone dust inlay designs, plain solid or hollow plugs, hollow cut-out spirals or triskels, hollow with: Borneo flares, Marquesas design, or Berber dots, and silver cap overlays. We also have hollow and solid bone plugs, often in moose antler or mammoth ivory.
Horn shapes include: upside-down U's, omega's, tapered CBR's, yoni's, square CBR's, Java style hoops, super tiny, compact, wicked, and homegirl spirals, claws with balls or inlaid nail heads, and horn and bone labrets and septums.
Not shown: a new stretched horn spiral shape, bone spirals, medium horn spirals, hollow and solid opal inlay plugs, unique plugs with other fancy stone inlays, and cthonic monster claws with tagua nut heads.
Newer designs shown on page 4 include: inverted teardrop spirals, super tiny spirals, wicked spirals, bamboo rhizome hoops, and horn or bone pinchers.

*Organic LLC body jewelry catalog page four*
Page 4 .jpg (165k) or Page 4 .pdf (505k)
has quills and bones (such as tusks, ribs, baculum, talons, tapers, etc.),
newer water buffalo horn shapes including:
inverted teardrop spirals, wicked spirals, and super tiny spirals,
hollow horn plugs with Borneo flares, Marquesas designs, or Berber dots,
bamboo rhizome hoops, as well as horn and bone septum pinchers.
Also: silver and bronze foxes (wait list only),
stingray spines, white spiral shells, New Guinea shell septum pieces,
goat horns, bone mermaids, and mammoth ivory plugs.

Quantity discounts are available on several styles from this page,
and several of the bone tapers have been placed on sale.

NOTE: page 4 was updated in November, replacing September's version.

*Organic LLC piercing jewelry catalog page five*

Page 5 .jpg (170k) or Page 5 .pdf (570k)
features silver and ethnic jewelry including:
various styles of silver spiral and poppy bud hairsticks,
Mexican silver filigree hoops and fancy earplugs,
banded onyx drop earrings with thin ear wires,
omegas and other old and new Thai hilltribe jewelry,
bronze Protong earweights, Indian nostril jewelry,
platinum fern, maple, and other leaf earrings (also in copper or gold),
silver: stash drops, tree ornaments, cloud weights, and spiral earrings
silver and bronze c-shaped light ear weights, and
plain hollow silver plugs or with cut-out stars along the front flares.

*Organic LLC jewelry catalog page six*

Page 6 .jpg (170k) or Page 6 .pdf (580k)
has bracelets: Tibetan mantra cuffs, Balinese painted wood bracelets,
hardwood bracelets with dots, Baltic amber and silver bracelets,
Ganesha pendants, Nepalese tantric figurines,
items from our Twilight amber and silver page:
a sample of faceted jet beads, traditional Russian birch bark boxes,
an oval amber brooch, Icelandic style Thor's hammers,
pendants with Celtic knotwork, tree, or amber and silver designs.

Retail folks: all of these prices have no markup!
(Since only prices for body jewelry are doubled...)

*Organic body jewelry catalog page seven India ethnic jewellery*

Page 7 .jpg (185k) or Page 7 .pdf (620k)
shows earrings and plugs from India,
Gujarati (Indian) upper ear jewelry,
Rajastani earplugs with huge front flares,
several styles of medium Indian coiled hoop earrings,
colorful Indian earrings with beads or kundan inlays,
Himachal Pradesh and other plugs with enamel,
a nice collection of tribal silver Gujarati plugs,
and a mention of silver Indian anklets and bracelets.

*Organic jewelry catalog page eight African ethnic*

Page 8 .jpg (175k) or Page 8 .pdf (580k)
showcases ethnic jewelry from Africa and the Middle East,
including Maasai women's beaded upper ear jewelry,
nomadic Koochi tribal earrings from Pakistan/Afghanistan,
Turkoman, Afghani, Berber, Yemeni, and Ethiopian earrings,
anklets and armlets with bells, Afghan and Uzbeki nostril rings,
and Ethiopian women's (Mursi tribe) huge clay lip plates.

*Organic jewelry catalog page nine*
Page 9 .jpg (165k) or Page 9 .pdf (560k)
features intricately carved boxwood stash box cylinders,
jewelry from the Himalayas, Africa, and Southeast Asia,
such as Nepalese women's large dhungri conch jewelry,
large and small Tuareg tribe tsabit hoop and other earrings,
ebony inlaid Tuareg bracelets and an old red glass African bracelet,
a Kamba tribe spiked long plug, rare Maluku Islands (Indonesia) earrings,
rare Burmese tribal horn plugs with bead inlays,
rare antique Burmese faceted glass ear plugs,
wooden owl long and thick hairsticks, glass Naga tribe earweights,
Tibetan women's aylong earrings with turquoise or coral fronts,
ancient Khmer (Cambodian) gilded bronze earrings, and
a "not shown" list for items too big to fit onto these catalog pages.

*Organic natural body jewelry catalog page ten*
Page 10 .jpg (285k) or Page 10 .pdf (735k)
showcases ancient jewelry from the Americas,
including a pre-Hispanic obsidian labret,
pre-Columbian gold septums from Panama, Peru, and Columbia,
fossilized walrus ivory old Alaskan labrets and rare earrings,
and a NEW SECTION featuring previously not shown items:
Chinese women's lotus (footbound) shoes, a Balinese kris knife,
South China 5-tiered necklace, a Maasai beaded necklace,
a tantric white Tara painting, a dress with Dayak motifs,
Borneo pouches, New Guinea shell necklaces and coconut masks,
a Nepalese wooden mask, a wooden and bone Tanimbar comb,
Javanese ear ornaments, horn combs, Balinese headdresses,
coyote skulls, nautilus shells, and a Shipibo tribe ayahuasca cloth.

*Organic natural jewelry catalog page eleven*

Page 11 .jpg (165k) or Page 11 .pdf (535k)
shows examples of framed butterflies,
many examples of bracelets made from:
jade, red cinnabar (Chinese lacquer), floral cloisonne,
faceted black or smooth green or orange agate bracelets,
Chinese hilltribe double headed dragon cuff bracelets,
as well as rare Uighar (NW China) earrings, and
jewelry from South Chinese hilltribes including
Dong tribe knobby hoops, dragon hoops, older earrings and plugs.

*Organic LLC natural body piercing jewelry catalog page twelve*
Page 12 .jpg (165k) or Page 12 .pdf (520k)
includes Baltic amber and silver spiral drops,
Asian gold colored leaf and flower shaped hair ornaments,
a mention of Thai elephant bags not shown due to lack of space,
SouthEast Asian tribal jewelry from
Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and China such as:
Hmong tribe bent arrows, Dong tribe double flared plugs,
cute ethnic flower hook earrings, Karen tribe cup-shaped earflares,
enormous Miao tribe bent arrow and double dragon hoop earrings,
fancy coiled Miao tribe (South Chinese Hmong) earrings,
antique double spiral crossover earrings from Thailand,
and many different Thai thin-hooked silver spiral earrings.

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