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Who wants these?
Unique, one-of-a-kind. Bone china.
That means only this pair will ever be available, in this exact size only.
<1-11/16" two-sided flared plugs with square holes.
There does appear to be some sort of (unknown) clear glaze on the wearing surfaces.
Available on a trade basis only, not for sale.
Completely new and unworn.
These were made by a friend who didn't know what size my ears were, and unfortunately, guessed wrong.

What follows is a list of items and services we am willing to trade our goodies for. In all cases items will need to be pre-approved by me (Erica). Please don't be offended if I turn down your offer, and yes, I am VERY picky. Please suggest what you would like to trade for. I will not accept barter for all items, for example, I will not take trade for custom wood or bamboo.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I am somewhat open to suggestions, but these items are indeed needed and will generate great interest on my part... Ah, the glory of barter.

Many of these ideas can only apply if you live nearby and we can arrange a local pickup; other items would have to be shipped. Some items could be convenient for those of you wishing to pay by credit card, or for international customers: instead of sending payment in advance in U.S. $$, you could get an item shipped to me from a company here in the States, paying with your credit card, and they'll charge it to you in your local currency. How's that!

The trade value is based on what you would actually pay had you purchased the item from us instead of trading. For example, if a retail person would have paid $60 for a pair of plugs, and are trading a book worth $60, great. Many things on this list obviously have felt value, rather than an actual price tag attached to them, so we'll just go on what feels right for all parties concerned.

There are some of our items that we almost never trade for, for example: custom wood and bamboo plugs.
We do enjoy trading with our water buffalo horn plugs and shapes and various types of bone plugs.

All items must be sent in advance (unless we know you really, really well), and will be treated similarly to pre-payments. Please describe items and details very thoroughly.

Alrighty, here no particular order:

  • STUFF:
    • Beeswax candles (unscented)
    • Drywall, plywood, insulation, etc.
    • Gift cards to home improvement stores
    • Sets of those copper cup and chain thingies that can replace rainwater downspouts
    • Books (anthropology, ethnic jewelry, enthogenic plants; medical, anatomical, or botanical illustration);
      here's a link to my wish list on, but I am potentially interested in others, too
    • Usable postage stamps
    • Bones (especially sacrum from any species and pathological baculum)
    • Anything solar!
    • Titanium camping cookware
    • Antique medical instruments (especially a trephine; good condition only)
    • Plants (poisonous, carnivorous, or useful; plants rather than seeds preferably; no trees)
    • A relatively established blueberry plant or five
    • Ethnic and tribal body piercing jewelry or other amazing ethnographic artifacts
    • A really excellent set of speakers
    • Plane tickets
    • A skylight or two (maybe even one that can be opened)
    • Wooden or bamboo dividers for within drawers, like a tic tac toe grids
    • Digital camera that takes excellent close-ups and low-light images (used OK)
    • An unlocked iPhone newer than 4
    • One of those macro lenses you can mount on a cell phone (and works with a case)
    • Tibetan singing bowl(s)
    • Perhaps a rainwater barrel with all the fixings
    • Giant bean-bag!
    • Telescope
    • Microscope (I already have two old shabby ones, looking for good quality only)
    • Working wooden hot tub (no leaks, no dead motors)
    • An iron claw foot tub (for outside use, any condition, must hold water)
    • A giant cedar log that can be (or already has been) turned into an outdoor soaking tub
    • A working tandem bicycle (a bicycle built for two!)
    • A wooden Chinese or Indonesian day bed (sometimes called an opium bed)
    • Firewood (cut to fireplace size, split would be nice, but not necessary)
    • A wire (as in, no glass) fireplace screen that folds in the center
    • Food in various forms (things that keep and could be mailed, like bread or smoked salmon)
    • A small, heat-powered fan to mount in or near our fireplace for heated air circulation
    • A home-cooked meal if you're local or work in a restaurant
    • Homebrewed beer or mead (perhaps just local as these can be tricky to mail)
    • Wooden or bamboo heater registers, standard sized, ideally 3 matching ones
    • Radon test kit and/or testing service fee waiving
    • A working, used, alternative fuel vehicle
    • Bookshelves (nice real wooden ones only)
    • An attic fan, preferably solar powered with a thermostat
    • Photocopy machine (not huge, makes clean copies)
    • Really amazing artwork or crafts (I will be VERY choosy on this one for sure!)
    • Anything with anatomical hearts
    • Anything with red poppies or poppy bud designs
    • Anything with oak leaf designs
    • Anything with deer or antler designs
    • Pictures, photos, etc., of ethnic and tribal folks wearing traditional jewelry
  • SERVICES and the like:
    • Car maintenance and repair
    • Silkscreening (shirts, patches, etc.)
    • Tutoring in Bahasa Indonesia atau Malayu
    • Free domain name registry or renewal (you know you can work it!)
    • Offset printing (catalogs, posters, postcards, stickers; spot and 4-color)
    • Tuition to a school that has an Ethnobotany focus (University of Hawaii at Manoa! Kew Gardens, UK! University of Kent, Canterbury!)
    • Feline vaccinations and boosters
    • Bookkeeping and accounting (honest and experienced only, references required; we currently have someone)
    • Free internet service (DSL or cable)
    • Free phone service (land line)
    • Occasional yard work
    • Custom matting and picture framing
    • Photo developing and printing (both manual and digital)
    • Contractors or handypersons: please inquire
    • Especially needed: roofers or electricians!!!
    • Health insurance, or services like Chinese or naturopathic medicine

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