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:: Wholesale prices (to shops) are listed :: Retail prices (to individuals) are double ::

Wood plugs are made out of high quality hardwood. Each piece is unique; these plugs are cut, carved, and sanded by hand with love and full attention to detail. Pairs are matched to be as similar as possible. Wood plugs work best in "dry" areas of the body, especially the ears. Remember, this is a natural, organic product, and there is a chance that some individuals will be more sensitive than others to the materials; some may even develop an allergy to certain woods. Also, be aware that small pores in the wood can harbor bacteria and other germs. Use these plugs at your own risk. They come pre-oiled; this helps to fill in the pores and makes for smoother insertion. The oil will release slowly and aids in softening tissue and helping the body to absorb unwanted hard, connective tissue. Olive oil, peanut oil (both may break down), or jojoba oil are recommended to keep your plugs looking their best. They should be washed periodically with a mild non-chemical soap or with a small amount of tea tree oil if something stronger is desired.

Please check the following links for more information relating to hardwoods in general,
such as endangered species to avoid, organic jewelry care information,
and possible allergic reactions (older summary).

Newer research includes:
Wood hazards

Basic wood anatomy and behavior

We have a small selection of hardwood plugs in stock. Please call and we'll let you know what we have in your size. We have some earplugs with fancy inlays that are shown at the bottom of this page, however, the more basic wooden plugs that we have on hand are generally not listed online. If we do not currently have what you are looking for, we will be happy to custom make them for you; one of our carvers will create a pair matching your requested dimensions.
We had some problems with custom orders in the past, as our wait list grew long, and unfortunately too many people disappeared once their orders had been custom made. So, if you are serious about getting specific pieces made, we require money order deposits in the full amount of the purchase price in order to place the custom order. Once we receive your payment, it usually takes around 2-3 weeks to get your plugs made.

We appreciate your patience, as we will not cut corners
or compromise our extremely high standards of quality

for cut rate pricing, speed, or mass production.

::Specify type of wood::
These five main species we use come from third-party certified renewable, sustainable resources.
We have discontinued making new ebony plugs (no renewable forestry operations currently grow ebony).
We occasionally feature other woods, such as holly wood.

*chakte kok* Chakte Kok (CHOK-tay COKE):
beautiful reddish orange,
color may fade in light, lightweight.

*chechen* Chechen (chey-CHEN):
brown with light and dark streaks,
medium weight.

*granadillo* Granadillo (GRAN-ah-DEE-yoh):
dark brown w/darker streaks,
extremely dense, tight grain.

*katalox* Katalox (kat-a-LOTSCH):
very dark brown, almost black,
sustainable alternative to ebony; often hard to obtain.

*olivewood* Olivewood:
light tan with medium brown streaks,
and the pleasant smell of olives!

*chakte kok saddles flared ear plugs*

Above we see wooden saddle-shaped plugs:
several plugs made from chakte kok.

*concave 1-7/8 *1-7/8

A pair of huge granadillo plugs, showing both their
mildly concave sides and their flat sides.

*big olive wood earplugs*
*olivewood saddles*
*plain tan olive wood ear plugs*

Shown above are several pairs of very nice smelling olivewood saddles,
which generally have a light tan color with multiple brown streaks.
The bottom pair is also olivewood, specifically custom made so there are no visible streaks to be a more consistent tan color to emulate maple. Often people wanting a more mellow appearance (for example, at work), opt for a light colored wood such as this.
This is currently the lightest-colored wood that we offer, as we have discontinued maple.

*small gauge 2-tone katalox plugs*

Shown above are a small pair of two-toned katalox saddles. These pieces are cut so that one side is heartwood (the older central part of the tree that is filled with more minerals and forms the structural support of the trunk), and one side is sapwood (the outer part that is newer growth and was being used to transport water). This occurs naturally-no glue is used!

*chechen wood ear plugs*

Sweet little chechen, how I've neglected you so!
Finally, an image of chechen plugs for all to enjoy.

::Specify overall shape::
Wood can be brittle if too thin, with dramatic curves, etc.
Common shapes include:

  • Saddle shaped: the standard plug with two flares, generally of the same size.
  • Cylinder shaped: a simple plug without flares, often with cupped (chamfered) ends to take the edge off for smooth insertion, can be worn with or without o-rings.
  • One flared: one flare on one side, nothing on the other side, can be worn with or without o-rings.
  • Nail shaped: ($5-10/extra) the traditional labret stud design with the backing disk and shaft made from one piece of wood; the front can be held on by an o-ring. Tongue plug shapes are also possible.
  • Taper shaped: not for stretching holes in one sitting; they may be worn in healed piercings to stretch gradually; an o-ring on one side can hold the taper in place better.
  • Spike shapes: basically, a cylinder with both ends tapered.

*group of wood ear plugs* *group of hardwood plugs* *group of wooden earplugs*

Here are pictures of a large selection of saddles and tapers in the six main species of wood we used to offer.
Note that this is when we were still utilizing maple; this has now been replaced by olivewood.
We have also discontinued manufacturing with ebony; katalox is a good sustainable alternative.
Please click on these smaller thumbnails to view larger photos; these images are not to scale.

*6 wood species labeled* *group of wood plugs*

::Specify diameter and length::

The diameter is the inside diameter of the plug on the wearing surface, not including the flare or backing disk. A normal flare is 1/16" over the inside diameter (example, 1/2" plugs would have a 9/16" flare), though smaller mellow flares or more drastic big flares can be requested. Tapers are measured at the big end, just a bit back from the edge. We can work in gauges, inches, or millimeters.
The length is overall and should include the flares. Shorter lengths can make plugs with large diameters-especially over 1/2" - more comfortable for sleeping, etc. However, longer lengths may stay in better or allow room for o-rings.
Shapes from around 14 gauge to around 8 gauge, while theoretically possible, are difficult to make, can be slightly uneven, and will likely be brittle and easy to break both while manufacturing and in the finished product. We rarely make such small sizes, and only then for short lengthed plugs or labrets. Thus for all intents and purposes, our minimum diameter is 6ga. Availability of large diameter wood plugs may be difficult (especially with the various types of ebony) and depends upon what we have on hand in terms of raw materials; this changes all of the time, so just ask!

::Wholesale Prices for Hardwood Jewelry::
Retail prices are double.
Please note that custom made wood plugs may not be available due to Erica's current school schedule;
please call to determine availability. Thank you for your understanding!

  Smaller than 1/2" =$15/each ($30/pair)
    1/2" to under 1" =$20/each ($40/pair)
1" to under 1-1/2" =$25/each ($50/pair)
1-1/2" to under 2" =$30/each ($60/pair)
           2" and beyond = Please call for a quote!

We can also work in decimal inches, gauges, or millimeters.

Please add $5-10/each for: plugs, tapers, or spikes that are 1" or over in length;
labret or tongue shapes (or anything with large diameter flares). Please call for quotes.

*wholesale versus retail prices reminder*

Pre-made wood plugs

*6ga granadillo pre made Organic LLC wood plugs*
*pre made Organic LLC wood plugs ebony katalox*
*pre made Organic LLC wood plugs 23mm tiger ebony*

Here are some random wood plugs that we happen to have in stock, pre-made and ready to go.
6ga granadillo convex cylinders X 9/16" length ($30),
<3/4" ebony saddles ($40), >7/8" katalox saddles ($40),
and between 7/8" and 15/16" (23mm) tiger ebony saddles ($40).

*premade wood singles fronts*

*single wood plugs sides*

Pre-made single wood plugs are $15/single:
around 4ga ebony taper with paua shell inlay,
0ga chakte kok one-flares,
00ga chakte kok one-flares, and
between 7/16" and 1/2" briar wood hollow mild taper.
Some of these are woods and shapes we don't normally offer.
Front and side views shown.

And now for something completely different...

::Hardwood plugs with unique inlays::

No custom work is available; we only have what is shown and described.
These cannot be custom ordered as we get them in only randomly!!!

*inch and one eighth ammonite inlays katalox wood silver ear plugs*

A pair of katalox wood double flared plugs with silver and ammonite inlays.
1-1/8" ($100/pair). This size only.
Ammonites are fossil shells of ancient sea creatures.

::Huge boxwood stash plugs with amazing carving::

*boxwood cylinder stash plugs top view*

*boxwood cylinder stash plugs open view*

Boxwood stash boxes that are perfect cylinders! The designs are skillfully executed in 3-D.
The top image shows the top/front views, while the second imge shows them open or on the side.
The lids will rely on some sort of wax or tape being applied to stay on if used as earplugs.
Available in these sizes only; no custom orders... sorry!
≤1-7/8" with pheasant and flower design - $65/pair (two pairs available)
±2-1/8" with Chinese foo dog design - $75/pair
Between 2-7/16" and 2-1/2" with a beautiful flowing pheasant and flower design - $90/pair

::Ebony wood cross over coils::

*ebony cross over coils 2ga 58ths*

Ebony cross over coils in 2ga ($35-SOLD), 0ga ($40-not shown), 00ga ($40),
between 7/16" and 1/2" ($45-SOLD), and 5/8" ($60/pair-SOLD).
We haven't had these for years and are excited to have some back in stock!

::Wooden bamboo rhizome (root) hoops::

*ebony wood bamboo rhizome hoops*

Giant wooden bamboo rhizome (root) hoops in black ebony.
In 3/4", 7/8", and 1".
Normal prices for these sizes are $60-$80/pair.
Note quality issues, thus big discounts will apply.

::Wooden spirals::

We are making a very small amount of wood spirals available,
mainly very large sizes in unusual woods with grand figure.
Please ask if you are interested in a particular size!

*6 single pieces striped ebony wood spirals*

Six single pieces of striped ebony wooden spirals for use as pendants.
$12/each piece. Sorry, kids, there are no true pairs here!

*00ga chakte kok huge ear spirals*

00ga chakte kok huge ear spirals. $50/pair.

*15-16ths to 1 one inch compact ebony wood spirals*

15/16" to 1" compact ebony spirals, with gorgeous brown streaks. $75/pair.

*sabo sawo wooden spiral earring*

3/4" and 1" homegirl spirals in light brown sabo/sawo wood.
We also happen to have a single piece that is between 3/4" and 13/16" (shown below).
$60-$80/pair. This wood is lighter in weight than ebony.

*HUGE wooden single SPIRAL hollow plug*

A very large wooden single sawo wood spiral that measures between >3/4" and <13/16"
and a huge single hollow double flared 3-3/4" plug made from an unknown wood (for display only).
These are definitely singles - no pieces are available to make a match. Only $25/each.

*giant ebony wooden spirals ears*

Black ebony homegirl and not-so-compact spirals!!!
In 3/4" (SOLD), 7/8", and 1".
Normal prices for these sizes are $60-$80/pair.
Note quality issues, thus big discounts will apply.

::Wood spirals:: SOLD :: Shown as samples ::

*1-18ths inch red chakte kok wooden spirals*

Huge chakte kok wooden spirals measure between 1-1/8" and 1-3/16". $120/pair. SOLD
This wood was chosen because the spirals can still be quite large yet relatively lightweight.

*chakte kok wooden HUGE spirals*

>3/4" chakte kok wooden HUGE spirals. This species of wood is fairly lightweight... SOLD

*huge ebony wood wooden spirals*

Huge brown streaked ebony spirals measure between 7/8" to 15/16" at the greatest wearable surface.
$150/pair. SOLD.

*huge jet chakte kok wood spirals ear jewelry*

Enormous chakte kok wooden spirals and black jet spirals measure 1" on the wearing surface.
Chakte kok is a relatively light weight material. These were made as a custom order and have SOLD.
Jet is a type of rare fossilized (not petrified, but mineralized) wood with a high density that makes it heavy and sturdy. The black color comes from jet's high carbon content.

::Coconutwood hoops::

*giant coconut wooden hoop earrings coconutwood*

Giant hoop earrings that are flat-ish in cross-section (minimum 1/2" to insert).
Made from coconutwood in a "c" shape with wide gaps at the bottom ($30/pair).
This type has been left a bit chunky (not super duper refined).
While this exact pair has SOLD, we have up to three more pairs we can finish off for you.

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:: Wholesale prices (to shops) are listed :: Retail prices (to individuals) are double ::


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*red dayak flower*