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:: Wholesale prices (to shops) are listed :: Retail prices (to individuals) are double ::


Finally, a page dedicated towards plugs and shapes that are available in single pieces only,
without having to purchase a pair!
Some of these are even cheaper than half the pair price, and
some are even the same price for retail and wholesale customers - no retail markup!

In addition to all of these lovely single plugs and single shapes,
don't forget that we have plenty of labrets and septums!
Of course these can always be used for other piercings, including labrets as one-flared plugs.
We have an enormous variety to choose from,
in both natural and traditional materials along with ethnographic pieces,
reiterated on our pages dedicated to septums and labrets.

*wholesale versus retail prices reminder*

:: Amber ::

*Baltic amber saddles double flare ear plugs*

*new Baltic amber saddles flared ear plugs*

Singles are available of both Baltic amber saddles and cylinders.

Baltic amber saddles (plugs with two flares)
We have singles available in:
7ga, 6ga, and 5ga ($5/each),
some 6ga with quality issues ($4/each),
<4ga, 4ga, and >4ga ($6/each),
<0ga ($9/each), and 1/2" ($25/each).
These prices for singles are half the pair price or less.
These are definitely singles. Two cannot be matched up to make a pair. They do not look alike.

*Baltic amber cylinders plugs*

Baltic amber cylinders (plugs with no flares)
Ask about quantity discounts!

Possibly pressed amber:
≤6ga (4mm) - $3/piece (cosmetic light scratches on ends)
<4ga (5mm) - $5/piece (cosmetic light scratches on ends)
For a blown-up image of what these marks look like, please press here.
>2ga but <1ga (7mm) - $6/piece (no scratches on the ends)

Regular amber:
±1ga (7mm) - $4/piece (with tiny holes drilled lengthwise, aka beads)

*5ga Mexican amber taper* *5ga Mexican amber taper*

Two views shown of a single short Mexican amber taper.
Around 5ga at the biggest part and just over 5/8" in length.
I made this long ago and forgot to post it until now! $10.
These photos are not posted at life size.

:: Bamboo ::

Some singles of bamboo plugs are in stock
(for example, we have single pre-made pieces of <5/8", 7/8", and 1" at the moment),
and others can be custom made in any possible size,
including custom lengths for all your piercing needs!

*picture of bamboo plugs*

*organic bamboo earplugs ear plug spiral*

*bamboo in bamboo organic ear plugs*

*bamboo plugs within bamboo plugs*

*big bamboo plugs*

*bamboo plugs with different wall thicknesses*

Wholesale Prices for Bamboo Jewelry
Retail prices are double, as usual.

Smaller than 1/2" =$4/each  
   1/2" to under 1" =$5/each  
1" to under 1-1/2" =$6/each  
1-1/2" to under 2" =$8/each  
 2" to under 2-1/2" =$10/each
2-9/16" and up = Please call!

*black bamboo plugs*

*one side solid bamboo plugs*

*black bamboo solid plugs*

Black bamboo is occasionally available (1/2" or larger only) for $1 extra/piece.
Add half the base price for one side 'solid' bamboo (1" and under only),
or for lengths 1" or over.

*Markus design burnt bamboo ear plugs #D*

Bamboo with Burnt Designs on the Ends
The above is just one of many, many images of bamboo plugs with burnt designs that we have made for other orders. Please visit our bamboo page to view all of these extensive examples!

We do not necessarily want to repeat the same designs over and over, so this will hopefully serve to give you a good idea about what is possible in what size. Once you click these thumbnails you'll see the images posted at 100%, like the rest of our website. Obviously, many of these are huge, and complicated patterns can only go on big plugs with thick walls, so small plugs will have to be simple and minimal, like on images #D and #E. If there is a certain unique design that you are hoping for, that can realistically fit onto a pair of plugs at your size, please let us know and we can burn it for you. It must be composed of lines and/or dots, and can be on any size of bamboo plug. We can also design something unique just for you and make it a surprise.
All of these particular plugs have already been sold; others can be custom ordered!

In most cases, add half the prices for burnt designs on the ends of bamboo plugs.
For example, if the price for a plain bamboo single piece would normally be $6/each,
a piece with burnt designs on one end would add $3/each, to total $9/piece.

Though most designs will follow the above rule, we reserve the right to charge an increased fee for complicated, intricate, or large burnt designs. For example, burning intricate designs requires a lot of precise strikes and takes a ton of time compared to almost all the others, so that is a case where we'll charge more. The maximum fee would be equal to the same amount as the pieces' base price. In the case of the above example, the maximum fee for adding a burnt design would be $6/each, making the total cost of the piece $12 total. Just give a call and we'll give you a quote.

*all sides ends wearing surfaces faces burnt bamboo plugs A*
*all sides ends wearing surfaces burnt bamboo plugs C* *all sides ends wearing surfaces faces burnt bamboo plugs B*

*burnt bamboo diagnol*

Bamboo with Burnt Designs on the Ends AND Wearing Surfaces
Burnt bamboo plugs showing patterns on the longer wearing surfaces as well!!!
The three longer rows shown above show top, side, and bottom view of the same 5 pairs of plugs.
As you can see in these examples, we've matched up the wearing surface designs to be extensions of those on the faces. These could be two unrelated patterns instead if you'd prefer it that way.
The fee for burning bamboo is per surface, so the front faces of a pair would count as one, the front parts of the wearing surfaces would count as two, the back parts of the wearing surfaces would count as three, and if the back faces were burnt as well, those would be the fourth surfaces.

*septum bamboo plugs design burnt on the wearing surface*

We also do burnt designs on the wearing surface of bamboo septum plugs, as shown above.
Naturally, we can do longer septum plugs and rods in bamboo without burnt designs as well.
And of course we can also make bamboo for conches or any other spots you might want it for.
Please also note that there is a surcharge for lengths that are 1" or longer.

*tiny bamboo plugs with burnt designs*

Bamboo with STAMPED Burnt Designs on the Wearing Surfaces
Switching gears, here is something we have in limited amounts only:
Premade tiny bamboo, most with stamped burnt designs on the wearing surfaces. $3/piece.
Patterns and lengths will vary a bit as shown, and will not be identical from piece to piece or within a pair.
These cuties are available smaller than our usual minimum diameters! These sizes only:
>7ga singles, 6ga plain singles-all different lengths, <6ga burnt single, ±5ga pairs, and a >4ga single.
We only have what are already made of these little ones - they cannot be custom ordered.

:: Horn and Bone ::

There are many examples available over on our horn and bone page -
it never hurts to ask if we happen to have a single in what you are looking for!
Normally we do not split up pairs to sell one single. However, sometimes we have singles when pairs were carved a little mismatched in size and can be sold as two singles instead.

Also, be sure not to miss this treasure trove:
plenty of singles of labret plugs, septum tusks, spikes, and pinchers in horn and bone, including opal inlay labrets over on our horn and bone page.

*opal inlay horn one-flares plugs in small gauges*

We specifically have some singles in our exclusive opal one-flares, available in:
>6ga or 4ga (only one single piece of each size left!)
for a mere $10/single piece.

*horn tapered CBR captive bead rings*

Horn "CBR's"
(tapered captive bead rings without the beads):
In horn shapes, quite often we'll have single available in our CBR shapes.
17ga, 16ga, 15ga, 13ga, 12ga, 11ga, 10ga, 9ga, 8ga, 7ga, and 6ga =$6/piece
5ga and 4ga =$6.50/piece
3ga and 2ga =$7/piece
0ga   =$7.50/piece
00ga =$8/piece
Singles are often available!
We have discontinued larger sizes.
For similar shapes with smaller overall diameters,
check out our horn and bone septum pinchers.

*bone CBR's captive bead ring shape*

Bone CBR shapes (white)
(tapered captive bead rings without the beads)
are the same price as our horn CBR's.
These are larger in overall diameter than septum pinchers.
Current stock: 16ga, 15ga, 14ga, 13ga, 12ga, 11ga, 10ga, 9ga, 7ga, 6ga =$6/piece
4ga =$6.50/piece
2ga =$7/piece

*single horn Dayak flower plug*

A single 12mm (just under 1/2") solid horn plug with Borneo flare
and inlaid instead of cut out spirals. The back flare is very mellow.
It was made as a custom order for a labret and they never got back to us once it was made.
Now up for grabs! Only $10 wholesale.

*oddballs custom horn plugs*

Custom horn plugs that were never purchased once made,
and a few last of their kind from styles we used to carry:
The piece shown on the left of the second row shows a single
≤5/8" horn plug with a black star surrounded by white bone dust inlay ($10/one).

*8ga 7ga brown horn drilled cylinders*

8ga and 7ga brown and blonde horn drilled cylinders.
2 pieces for $1 (no discount for ordering just one single piece; 2 piece minimum).

Not shown:
A single ≤4ga fossilized mammoth ivory cylinder. $12/piece.
A single ≤00ga mammoth ivory saddle-shaped plug.

Other types of horn and bone plugs, including:
Inuit bone curved tusks, porcupine quills, warthog and boar tusks, python ribs,
raccoon baculum, bone tapers and talons, horn hairpipes, and dentalium shells!

*Inuit Alaska bone 4 curved tusks*

Inuit Alaskan bone curved tusks
(old artifacts, probably not originally used for septums but for another utilitarian purpose).
They are all between 00ga and 7/16", and are merely $15/each.
The top piece has SOLD.

*4 hollow cylinder shaped bone boxes elephants beetles kois frogs*
*bug elephant koi frog bone box cylinders BACKS SIDES*

Hollow bone stash boxes with scrimshaw and colored crushed stone elephant, frog, beetle, or koi patterns.
These happen to be cylinders around ≤1-3/8" in diameter, though if you are considering wearing them as plugs, please note that they are very long in length, they are made of several elements that have been glued together, and that the lids are loose and will come off unless something such as beeswax is used to make them have more of a grip.
We have two of each design, and although we would prefer to sell them as pairs instead of as singles, we've decided to offer them here as well for $15/each.
Fronts are shown first, followed by a back side, side view, and two halves of an opened box.

*African and American porcupine quills porcupine quill*
*African and American porcupine quills porcupine quill*

Porcupine quills from Africa (Hystrix cristata) or America (Erethizon dorsatum) are available.
They have been used traditionally as septum spikes, and might also be used as hairsticks,
or as tapers (cut with a razor or very sharp knife-the ends can then be sealed with wax).
Please note that these quills have not been cleaned, and you should expect natural variation.
Quills are tapered on both ends and tend to be fatter at one end. We measure them in the center.
After years of being unable to find them, we now have quills measuring 12ga, 11ga, and 10ga available!

Long African quills are offered for $2/each.
We normally have them ranging from around 13ga up to 1ga, and from 3" to 12" in length.
We have some quills available for $1/each with broken ends, creases, and other quality issues.

Tiny American quills are all very thin, and are around 1-1/2" to 2" long.
These are 5 for $1 for sizes that range from hair thin up to around 16ga or so.
These American porcupine quills are available only as a grab bag of various random sizes;
or, we can individually measure these and send a specific size of quill for $1/each piece.
Pre-measured fatties (American porcupine quills that are 15ga to 12ga or so), are $1/each.

*porcupine quills RARE orange and yellow*

We have a stash of rare African porcupine quills that have yellow, tan, and orange hues.
We've been assured that these are naturally occurring, and have been caching them away for years.
Now we are ready to offer some up for sale:
$4/each for tans and yellows, and $5/each for oranges.
Great for hairsticks, septums, tapers, and displays!
Sizes range from 9ga up to 2ga, with lengths from 4" up to 1 foot!!!
Please click on the above cropped image to view one at full size.

Warthog tusks are similar to boar's tusks, only heavier. There are two types of warthog tusks:
indented rectangular upper jaw tusks and triangular in cross-section lower jaw tusks.
Warthog tusks are double for retail customers.

*giant big larger warthog tusks*

Giant upper jaw warthog tusks.
Prices for big fat rectangular ones such as these typically range
from $8 (very small) to $22 (giant) per piece, depending upon weight.
The middle two pieces shown above are still available at $12 (medium) and $15 (large)/each.
Warthog tusks cannot be shipped to the State of California.

*warthog tusks*

Lower jaw warthog tusks that are triangular in cross-section like boar's tusks.
The pieces shown in this particular image have SOLD; it is still posted for reference only.
Skinny ones are typically $10/each, medium ones are $12/each, and large ones are $15/each.
We do have one skinny triangular warthog tusk left is stock;
it is broken on the back section such that one of the three faces is missing. It is $10.
Warthog tusks cannot be shipped to the State of California.

*boar tusks boar's tusk*

Boar tusks average $5-20/each, depending on size and quality.
Boar's tusks are triangular in cross-section, making measuring challenging.
Our latest selection of boar's tusks can be seen below; the pieces above have SOLD.
Prices for boar's tusks are double for retail customers.

*horn capped boar tusk pairs*

Boar tusk pairs that have their open ends capped (closed off) with water buffalo horn.
These exact pieces have SOLD, but we have more as shown below.

*6 capped boar tusks*

Here are some EXACT pieces of boar tusks we still have available!
These six pieces are boar tusks with horn caps on the ends ($13/each piece).
Please click on this smaller thumbnail to view a larger image.
Unlike the scans, this photo is not posted at exact size, although close to it.

Boar's tusks like the ones above, but open at the backs (without the caps)
run about $13-$16/each, or $18-$20 for a bit bigger.

*last 20 boars tusk*

A large boar's tusk. $20. Also shown below.

*final boars tusks*

Here are some EXACT pieces of boar tusks we still have available!
$20 for the big piece, $5/each for the small pieces.
Unlike the scans, this photo is not posted at exact size.

*itty bitty TINY small boars tusks*

Very small boar's tusks. $5/each. Only two left as shown above!

*2 and 6 large boar tusks*

Here are some EXACT pieces of boar tusks we still have available!
The are the largest two we have ($18/each).
There is a hairline crack each near the open back ends.
Tips have been sharpened; some sanding marks are present.
Please click on this smaller thumbnail to view a larger image.
Unlike the scans, this photo is not posted at exact size, although close to it.

*4 medium boar tusks*

Here are some EXACT pieces of boar tusks we still have available!
This image shows four medium boar tusks, all facing the same direction. $15/piece.
Please click on this smaller thumbnail to view a larger image.
Unlike the scans, this photo is not posted at exact size, although close to it.

*2 medium pair boar tusks*

Here are some EXACT pieces of boar tusks we still have available!
These are two similar medium pieces; we would prefer to sell them together. $34/both pieces.
Please click on this smaller thumbnail to view a larger image.
Unlike the scans, this photo is not posted at exact size, although close to it.

*python snake ribs*

Here we show python ribs, which are $2/each for medium to large ones
(smaller ones have SOLD).
We also have a few rare very long or quite thick snake ribs that are $5/each.
The maximum size for the thickest ones is around 9ga-8ga in the center,
or 6ga at the knob end; most are smaller.

Keep in mind these are not round, but something like very flat ovals in cross-section.
Thus they are very difficult to measure. Requested measurements beyond 'large' or 'medium' will be estimates only, cost double, and you should specify if you are aiming for that measurement near the center of the rib or nearer to the larger knobby end. Most tips have minor flares.
Python ribs cannot be shipped to the State of California.
Ask about quantity discounts!

*baculum bacula raccoon bone*

This image shows a raccoon bacula, another word for penis bone (plural = baculum), which can be a neat alternative for smaller ear holes or for wacky septums. This is a smaller size for $3/each.
Ask us about discounts if you're interested in ordering many pieces of raccoon baculum!
Not shown: we occasionally have larger raccoon baculum ($4), or small mink bacula with hook ends ($2).
There are also a few baculum with broken ends that would be merely $1/each.

Baculum are found in a surprisingly large amount of mammals, including rodents, bats, bears, seals, walruses (the Inuit term for walrus bacula was oosik), otters, beavers, badgers, foxes, minks, raccoons, shrews, hedgehogs, wolves, coyotes, dogs, and many primates (but not humans!).
Incidentally, female capuchin monkeys, mice, and at least some chipmunks and squirrels, have an 'os clitoris,' which is a clitoris bone! The term for this is a baubellum, which means gem or jewel.

*bone tapers taper shaped ear plugs*

The bone tapers shown above are now only $3/each piece (singles), marked down from $6/each.
Pairs are available for $6/pair, marked down from $12/pair... that's HALF OFF!
Some people also like to use these as bone necklace components. Ask about quantity discounts!

The first bone taper type has carved grooves,
and measure from 18-22/64" (around 1ga to >0ga) at the widest parts,
and are just over 2" in length. They are drilled lengthwise like beads.

The second, slightly bent bone tapered talons,
can be from <0ga to >00ga on the largest part of the wearing surfaces.

The third, straight long bone engraved tapers,
can measure from >2ga to 00ga on the largest part of the wearing surfaces near the engraved lines and X's.

*horn hairpipes beads tapers septum tusk*

Water buffalo horn double tapered cylinders/hairpipes. Now only $1/each (they were $2).
Most taper from >0ga at either end to >00ga in the middle. One is left at only ≥0ga in the middle.
They are drilled lengthwise like beads - the hole in the center is approximately 1/8".

*white dentalium shells tapers*

White hollow dentalium shells were highly valued by Native Americans, and used extensively in trade and ornamentation. These are mildly taper shaped, and are $3/whole ones (SOLD), and $1/sections.
The sections can look like the two pieces on the bottom row or even shorter.
The largest ones are <0ga at the biggest part; most are smaller.

:: Stone ::

Plenty of stone singles! In particular, check out all found near this link:
TONS of stone cylinders, rods, talons, labrets, tusks, spikes, and saddles drilled like beads!

In stone saddle shaped plugs we have:

*6ga petrified wood double flared plugs*

>6ga brown, black, and tan petrified wood saddles. $20/pair.
The first pair have SOLD; of the second pair shown, only one single is available.

*orange agate single half inch saddle shaped plug*

1/2" SINGLE mellow orange agate (likely carnelian) saddle
(a bit like orange sherbet) - $20/one piece (NOT a pair).
Same price for retail or for wholesale customers!

*hollow serpentine saddles plugs with big double flares*
*hollow serpentine saddles with big flares*

Hollow serpentine saddles with big flares:
an average flare is 1/16" greater than the wearing surface,
but these flares measure approximately 1/8" greater than the wearing surfaces.
The wearing surfaces range from >5/8" to <11/16". $6/piece.

*8ga 7ga 6ga small gauged stone cylinder shape ear plugs*

8ga singles, >8ga pairs, 7ga pairs, and 6ga singles
of red and moss agate solid cylinder-shaped plugs ($5/each).
We do not usually carry stones as small as 8ga or 7ga as they are quite easy to break...

*green and purple 6ga jade cylinders*

Dyed purple and green jade solid cylinders.
Both colors are ≤6ga and approximately 9/16" in length.
These run $5/single piece.
Please see the wholesale page for information on quantity discounts.

*stone rods ear plugs*

≥1/2" aventurine, tiger's eye, or poppy jasper drilled rods, around 1-9/16" long.
We will sell them as singles for $5/each.

*12mm poppy jasper long rod to show colors*

This image is posted to show the variety that all stones in general, and
our poppy jasper in particular can have. From reds to pinks to grays to oranges... lovely!

NOT SHOWN: We have more solid long rods in various sizes and stones;
most have one convex end and one conical end (like the fluorite pair below).
Sample stone rods include:
13mm (>1/2") dyed blue, pink, yellow, or apple green rods with 69-70mm lengths,
14mm (<9/16") rods in various stones with 60mm length,
16-18mm (average 11/16") goldstone rods with 79-81mm lengths, and
lots of 18mm (between 11/16" and 3/4") red jasper rods with 42-54mm lengths.
Please inquire if these are of interest.

*11/16ths grey cheap agate cylinders plugs*

≤11/16" grayish white agate cylinders - the wacky ends are not flat.
$4/each piece; long singles only.

*all 4 clusters serpentine hollow cylinder big ear plugs hollow view*
* all 4 clusters serpentine hollow cylinder big ear plugs side view*

Large serpentine cylinders are hollow, and are available in various sizes and colors.
The above images with the wood grain background were not posted at life size.
They are shown in 4 clusters, with two more light green clusters available not shown in these images.
All have long lengths. Typical ones are shown above and below, but we have more that are not shown.
We have a comprehensive list of all the exact sizes of the pieces we have in stock, including outside and inside diameters, along with lengths. Just ask, or visit our Etsy page to view it. Some folks have been interested in using these as archer's thumb rings for Manchurian/Mongolian draw style archery.
All sizes are NOW ONLY $8/each or $15/pair (marked down from $20/pair).

*smallest 1 inch serpentine hollow cylinder big ear plugs 1st cluster*

Light green with reddish brown stripes are 62-65/64" (≤ or ≥ 1")
and have thin walls and >15/16" lengths. Examples are also shown in the 1st cluster.

Shown in the 2nd cluster:
a few mottled pieces that are 1-1/8" to between 1-1/8" to 1-3/16" diameters,
by 7/8" to >1" lengths.

*red serpentine cylinder shaped plugs*

Big very dark red (dyed?) 1-5/16" serpentine hollow stone cylinders,
with long lengths. Now also $15/pair or $8/piece.

*similar to 4th cluster serpentine hollow cylinder big ear plugs*

Mottled serpentine cylinders that have browns, tans, mossy greens, yellows, reds, oranges, white, greys, and blacks, are between 1-3/8", through 1-7/16", and almost up to 1-1/2" in outside diameters, with every size inbetween, in a big range of lengths.
Examples are shown in the photo above (not posted at life size), as well as in the 4th cluster.

*biggest green serpentine hollow cylinder big ear plugs 5th and 6th clusters*

Serpentine that is light green with white mottled spots generally run between 1-5/16" and 1-7/16"
with lengths ranging from around 15/16" all the way up to almost 1-1/4". These can be a bit weighty!
These are referred to as the 5th and 6th clusters, although they are not shown in the group image.

We have a bunch of inexpensive semi-precious stone talons, cylinders, rods, and saddles. Many were intended for beads and thus some shapes have tiny holes running through them, but their shape, finish, and material are perfect for stretched piercings and they have been carefully selected accordingly. No custom orders are possible in these cheaper stone options, and these are available in the listed sizes only. Most are in pairs, though almost all can also be sold as singles. The stones may not be not right on a specific gauge measurement, as many are made in millimeters, but approximate gauge sizes have been listed.
See the wholesale page for information on quantity discounts.

The following stone plugs began as beads and thus have tiny holes: *stone beads plugs cylinder no flares drilled*

  • (A) SOLD
  • (B) <6ga hematite cylinders. $1/pair (almost SOLD OUT; one pair left; pair only)
  • (C) 6ga "tiger's iron" cylinders. $4/pair (almost SOLD OUT; one pair left; pair only)
  • (D) 6ga with <2ga flares howlite saddles. $2/piece
  • (E) SOLD
  • (F) ≥6ga with ≥3ga flares red jasper saddles. $2/piece
  • (G) ≥3ga (6mm) stone saddles w/mild flares: unakite, aventurine, rose quartz, red jasper, picture jasper, goldstone, and turquoise-colored stones (one shown; the other type with its face shown has SOLD).
    Yellow jasper (not shown here) is also available. $2/piece
  • (no#) <2ga hematite saddles. $4/piece
  • (no#) 2ga howlite 1" long cylinders. $10/pair (pairs only)
  • (H) ≥2ga saddles: "smoky fluorite". $2/piece
  • (I) >2ga but <1ga (7mm) quartz saddles. $2/piece
  • (M) >7/16" but <1/2" (around 12mm) cylinders (29/64" thru 31/64"): tiger's eye,
    poppy jasper, and rainbow obsidian (these two stones also shown below). $2/piece

*poppy jasper rainbow obsidian cylinders plug*

Another view of #M:
Poppy jasper and rainbow obsidian drilled cylinders.

The following stone plugs are solid and are not beads:

    *cheaper cheap inexpensive beads small gauged stone plugs*
  • (CC) 6ga to 5ga translucent pale agate tapers with mildly flared fronts.
    Might be interesting in a conch... or upper ears like the Kikuyu! $20/pair only

  • (DD) Stone cylinders and rods, plus a few talons and a crescent as noted.
    $5/singles (most are singles):
    single <1ga aventurine crescent (NOT SHOWN)
    (depicted tiger's eye crescent has SOLD),
    >5ga long, and 2ga through 1ga sodalite,
    3ga long, and >2ga through 1ga black onyx,
    >5ga long, 3ga, and ≥2ga through >1ga tiger's eye,
    5ga long, and >3ga-2ga red jasper, <2ga red jasper talons,
    >5ga through <0ga aventurine, 3ga aventurine talons, 5ga single jade,
    NOT SHOWN: >5ga goldstone, ≥3ga malachite, and
    various 3ga through 1ga pale agates (grayish white, some with orange areas).
    See the wholesale page for information on quantity discounts.

    *stone ear talons 0ga*

  • (GG) Stone talons. NOW $4/singles. Around 2ga to 0ga only.
    Picture jasper (brown), tiger's eye (gold/brown), aventurine (green), poppy jasper (red), tiger's iron, and mother of pearl (a type of white shell; smaller in gauge than the others, varying from around 4ga to 2ga).
    See the wholesale page for information on quantity discounts.

*tigers eye and jade ear septum rods*
These are the same as those ones shown above (#DD),
But we thought you might like some more details:

≥3ga tiger's eye rods - $5/each
≥2ga jade rods measure ≥15/16" in length - SOLD
≥2ga tiger's eye rods measure >1" in length - $5/each

:: Hardwood ::

Other wood plugs can be custom made in any possible size,
including custom lengths for all your piercing needs!

*6 single pieces striped ebony wood spirals*

Six single pieces of striped ebony wooden spirals for use as pendants.
$12/each piece. There are no true pairs here!

*premade wood singles fronts*

*single wood plugs sides*

Pre-made single wood plugs are $15/single:
around 4ga ebony taper with paua shell inlay,
0ga chakte kok one-flares,
00ga chakte kok one-flares, and
between 7/16" and 1/2" briar wood hollow mild taper.
Some of these are woods and shapes we don't normally offer.
Front and side views shown.

*HUGE wooden single SPIRAL hollow plug*

A very large wooden single sawo wood spiral that measures between >3/4" and <13/16"
and a huge single hollow 3-3/4" plug made from an unknown wood (for display only).
These are definitely singles - no pieces are available to make a match. Only $25/each.

*wholesale versus retail prices reminder*


:: Ethnographic jewelry from the Americas ::

Several Alaskan fossilized walrus ivory labrets and bone curved tusks,
along with spectacular pre-Columbian gold septum pieces,
and a pre-Hispanic obsidian labret from Guerrero, Mexico
can be found on our ethnic jewelry from the Americas page.

*3 Inuit eskimo Yupik walrus earrings*
*3 Inuit eskimo Yupik walrus earrings*

Three Alaskan Inuit fossil walrus ivory earrings.
Front and side views shown. VERY RARE!!! $100/each.
The first, longest piece, has SOLD.

*Inuit Alaska bone 4 curved tusks*

Inuit Alaskan bone curved tusks
(old artifacts, probably not originally used for septums but for another utilitarian purpose).
They are all between 00ga and 7/16", and are merely $15/each.
The top piece has SOLD.

:: Ethnographic jewelry from Africa ::

These single pieces and more can normally be found living over on our
Ethnic jewelry from Africa page!

*single Berber hoop earring SIDE* *single Berber earring FRONT*

Single Berber hoop earring with dark red glass inlay.
It measures <10ga, and is only $20. Side and front views shown.

*6 plain Ethiopian Mursi tribe clay lip plates SIDE A* *6 plain Ethiopian Mursi tribe lip plates SIDE VIEWS* *6 plain Ethiopian Mursi tribe clay lip plates SIDE B*

Six plain dark clay Ethiopian Mursi tribe women's giant lip plates. These run $150-$200/each.
These could also be worn as single or pairs of plugs - they do wear clay plugs as well.
The Mursi tribe words for clay lip plate are dhebi a tugoin (wooden lip plates are called burgui).
Please click on these thumbnails to view images posted at life size of each side and the flares.

References include p. 249, 251, 270-277 in African Ark
(wonderful photos of giant clay plates in situ),
and p. 60 in Splendor of Ethnic Jewelry.

*aluminum African earplug on stand*
*aluminum African earplug off stand*

Aluminum Kamba tribe (Kenya) spiked earplug on stand. $60/single.
These images are not shown at life size, although close to it.
It measures 4-5/16" in overall length, and 1-3/8" at the flare.

:: Ethnographic jewelry from the Middle East ::

These single nostril pieces can also be found on our
ethnic jewelry from the Middle East page.

*Uzbekistani nose ring nostril hoop*

Nose ring from Uzbekistan. ≥17ga. $30.
Could be used as a single earring.
Note the unusual form of closure with the bead shown in it's center.

*3 Afghani nose rings nath chain*

Three Afghani nose rings with beads: $40/each for either of the upper pieces (16ga or ≥13ga),
$62 for the lower piece with an attached chain that hooks into the hair or a headdress (15ga).

Kuchi tribal singles!
We have a gazillion single Kuchi tribal earrings, hoops, ornaments, pendants, and lone domes.
Images of the exact pieces of our current stock of Kuchi tribal single earrings (or noserings) have been posted below. Please check out our ethnic jewelry from the Middle East page to view our offerings of other types of Kuchi tribal jewelry such as barettes, pendants (many of which could be adapted to be single earrings), bracelets, anklets, pairs of earrings, and more.

These hail from nomadic Afghan and Pakistani tribes. I've learned that Kuchi (or Koochi) is more of a generic term for nomadic people, and does not specifically refer to one tribe. They are ethnically Pashtun.

Please click these thumbnail-sized images to view ones at full size.
Some of the groupings have letters to help you refer to them, others you'll just have to give me the description of where it is in the picture, such as bottom row, second from the right.
Single earrings are merely $8/each or 2 pieces for $15.
(The normal wholesale price on pairs of Kuchi earrings is $20/pair or two pairs for $35.)
This jewelry is wholesale priced for everyone - no retail markup. Enjoy!

*Kuchi big hoop single nose rings*

Single hoops or noserings
$8/each or two pieces for $15.

*blue single earring crescents Kuchi tribal labeled*

SINGLE pieces of inlaid earrings (note: NO PAIRS) - $8/each:
blue crescent (only #E).

*Kuchi tribal earrings with thinner ear wires*

SINGLE inlaid earring (note: NO PAIRS) - $8/each:
blue crescent with thinnest wires we have,
with a big deep blue crescent mirror and 6-lobed flower-shaped danglies.

*Kuchi red crescent earrings labelled*

SINGLE pieces of inlaid earrings (note: NO PAIRS)
$8/each or two pieces for $15:
red crescents (#I, #J, #L, #M, and #O SOLD)

*unique Kuchi tribe earring singles labelled* *unique Kuchi tribe earring singles labelled* *unique Kuchi tribe earring singles labelled*

SINGLE (note these are NOT PAIRS) - $8/each or two pieces for $15:
unique earrings (#E, #H, and #L are the last available from this cluster).

*Kuchi tribal earrings multicolored unique*

SINGLE (note these are NOT PAIRS) - $8/each or two pieces for $15:
multicolored/unique. Note that these have color, size, overall height, or other differences,
but have similar enough features to be included together, and
could possibly be used as a set, turning some into jewelry for hair, belts, pendants, etc.
Note: this photo is not posted at life size.

*Kuchi tribe dome shaped single earring*

SINGLE (note these are NOT PAIRS) - $8/each or two pieces for $15:
dome-shaped earrings (#D, #E, #H, and #I SOLD).

*Kuchi tribal nipple looking danglies bells*

SINGLE (note these are NOT PAIRS) - $15/each:
mammiform/nipple-like dangly ornaments.

*Kuchi tribal lone domes singles*

SINGLE Kuchi tribal jhumka/jumpka style earrings/temple domes. Let's call them lone domes.
This style is often hung to each side of the face from a headdress or scarf.
Merely $8/each or two pieces for $15, AND same price for wholesale or retail customers!
The second piece shown has SOLD.

*Kuchi tribal jewelry pendant with upper hook and mirrors*

Late addition: a Kuchi tribal pendant with upper hook and mirrors. $15.

*single Kuchi ornament*

A single Kuchi ornament. $15/each.

:: Ethnographic jewelry from Asia ::

These can also be found on our Jewelry from Asia page.

Along with the single pieces shown below,
we have several examples of big New Guinea and Soloman Islands shell septums
shown over on our Jewelry from Mainland and Insular Asia page.

*single Dayak Kalimantan aso earweight*

A single Dayak ear weight with
an interesting version of the aso design.
Note this is one piece only. $40.

*thin Thai Karen tribe tribal omegas*

These are in the 19ga to 16ga range, and are only $10/each. Same price for retail customers!!!
Of course one would need to have a larger sized piercing for insertion due to the curls at the bottoms (around 12ga to 8ga depending on the piece).
These are the first examples of this style of jewelry that we have seen-pretty neat!
For an example of these types of earrings, see pages 232-233 in A World of Earrings.

*Burmese faceted old glass plugs*
*Burma glass earplugs facet SIDE views*

Ancient Burmese faceted glass ear plugs.
All are singles chosen for their great coloration.
The faces are all faceted, as are the wearing surfaces.
The large one is glass imitating a double flared amber plug.
I may sell them all as one collection, and I may keep some.
$40 (most) to $70/each. They are singles only; we do not have pairs.
The fifth piece over (light green) has SOLD.
Please note that these are intended for collecting purposes only,
as they have not been tested, and we do not know the contents of the glass.

:: Ethnographic jewelry from India ::

These can also be found on our Jewelry from India page.

*gold and ruby nostril jewelry India*

Indian gold and ruby
internally threaded nostril piece.
This could also be used as a stud in an ear or elsewhere.
It measures ≤13ga. $75.

*Indians nostril screws pin faceted prong set colored glass*

Indian nostril screws and pressure fit pin style nostril jewelry. $10/each.
Click on this image to view one that is blown up by 4X in order to show detail.
The top row shows very thin (21ga) nostril screws with faceted prong set
colored glass inlays in clear, dark pink (almost red), green, and blue (blue SOLD).
The bottom row shows two types: around 16ga silver nostril pins with faceted clear glass, and
around 16ga gold tone pins with ruby colored glass inlays (with a tiny white dot in the centers).
These bottom right style pins have SOLD, all others are still available.

There is a great diagram depicting dozens of styles of multiple ear cartilage piercings, with Tamil names of the accompanying jewelry, on p. 218 of Traditional Jewelry of India. I highly recommend it!
Gold koppu pieces similar to these can also be seen on p. 139 of Ethnic Jewellery.
These styles are extremely similar to modern body piercing jewelry where they are referred to as barbells ;)
For example, see p. 141 in Earrings: Ornamental Identity and Beauty in India, where examples with round ends worn by Muslim women in Karnataka are called gundi or tinki and are traditionally worn in the helix of the upper ears.
South Indian high karat gold upper ear internally threaded barbells
can be seen within the Tamil Nadu section
on p. 235 of Earrings: Ornamental Identity and Beauty in India.
Also see p. 138-140 ibid for more ornate pairs harkening from Karnataka.
There they are called bugudi or bugdi. The tops can sometimes be quite elaborate and resemble the tops of temples, called kalasha, and they are occasionally found with dangling tiny pearls (moti).

*Surastra Gujarat India hollow tribal ear plug*

The single >5/8" hollow piece (Surastra, Gujarat)
is merely $10 (retail or wholesale).

*wholesale versus retail prices reminder*

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