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This page contains a small gallery of photos of customers wearing our jewelry.
Keep in mind we only post pictures of folks wearing our actual jewelry, from us: Organic LLC,
not just anyone with piercings, stretchings, or natural jewelry made or distributed by others...
Please send us photos or scans if you have them! We'd especially like septum and labret pictures...

Gallery of Happy Customers and Friends!
::Click the thumbnails below for full sized images::


Austin, TX
with huge custom ebony hollow saddles that I could've worn as bracelets!

Michael Mulcahy and Jeff Martin!

(taken when he still had hair!) and ex-Piercing Experience, Atlanta

Didier, Brian, Jo, Fakir, and Paul!

Enigma, San Diego; Black Hole, Portland; ex-Body Manipulations, SF; as himself; and Body M again...

Jon Guac!

Angry God.
He owns Robot Piercing and the Lovecraft here in Portland!!!
Super old school
photo booth fun!


ex-TX, now in Cali
With matching bamboo ear and nostril plugs!

Curt Warren
and me!

Koi, Salt Lake City; PDX, of course.
APP Hard Rock


Enigma, San Diego
with big hardwood saddles.
Long, long ago...


as herself
wearing custom wood plugs with inlaid silver stars


from the icy plains of Sweden


as himself


from England

Dawna y Sanchez!

con horn omegas


A/V slave @ UAB Birmingham, AL

Eric's amber plugs!

with o-rings

from Jersey
horn spirals but
not the others...

Jen again!


a vegan from CT
with bamboo


from Agony in Jacksonville, FL


from FaerieLand
sporting jade

more Agni!
climbing inside the scanner


from Malibu, CA
wearing bamboo plugs


from England
with hollow ebony


of Kevin's big wood plugs


from Orlando, FL


from Argentina
with lathed horn double-flared plugs

Andy Carrucci!

ex-.inr.nrg., San Diego; Xipe Totec tattoo by Dave Warshaw at Avalon Tattoo II, North Park, CA

from NC
Kikuyu woman (our old logo)
tattoo by Dave Scearce at Tattoo and Skate Asylum, Durham, NC

of Little 7, Oakland, CA
shows off his bronze Dayak (Borneo) weights
RIP, Mica :(

Sharon 444!

of Anathema Books
with green jade floral plugs

Bhava Das!

showing off his .inr.nrg. at the old Organic office,
now doing bike repair in SF

Nick Cartier!

a student of Buddhism and tattoo in MA;
Tibetan hoops worn in conches!

(also shown left with hair!), wearing giant Tharu Nepalese plugs and a Hmong omega in his septum

Meadow and Dennis's daughter Kallisti!

shows off her Dad's artwork

Didier and Shauna's kids: Pierce and Natalie!

...their Dad owns Enigma, San Diego

Rion's son Kaleb!

proudly sporting his Organic shirt;
Seattle, WA

Lady Luck, MI
wearing fancy silver plugs with glass and opal cabochons


from Atlanta
sports our big horn spirals


formerly of Axis, Minneapolis with multilayered horn


from Los Angeles with Baltic amber saddles!


from Hawaii glowing with her big amber saddles

Tree Walker!

a poet from Ohio
with bamboo plugs


from Boston
prefers her bamboo with rootbeer


from California with gorgeous Armenian agate earplugs!

from NJ!
all dressed up wearing silver fox earweights


a farm boy from
the MidWest,
with rare black one-side solid bamboo plugs!

from MI!
Retired and free...
wearing big one side solid bamboo

a proud father and prolific story teller in TX;
knows a thing or two about drool. Oval horn labret!

from IN: the 'organic gangsta,'
sports a porcupine quill in his septum

from MI!
from Holey Body
at Old Town Tattoo in Saginaw
with 2" hollow bamboo plugs

from FL!
Of Tattoo Blues in Ft. Lauderdale
with amber plugs and poppy t-shirt
RIP, Mark :(


a surrealist artist
showing off her homegirl spirals...
she loves them a little too much!

owner of Anchor Tattoo in Bryant, AR!
with silver Miao plugs and an Aztec obsidian labret!


from Upland!
With bronze fox ear weights worn in his lobes and conches (temporarily!!!).

from Mantis Tattoo in PA!
chills out in his hollow horn saddles with milky blue opal dot inlays

displays large horn wicked spirals, compliments of Juan Castro
when he was at Body Ritual, WI

Juan Castro!
a piercer in Chicago and Costa Rica
with hollow horn saddle shaped plugs with cut-out spirals


from Albuquerque with a 5/8" horn septum tusk


wearing black bamboo earplugs

Mohammed Shiva!
looking serious about his amazonite plugs

Huge wedges!

A custom wood design from a great customer!


from Soul Patch in SF with one-side solid bamboo and nostril plugs!


with his incredible beer-swilling, bamboo-sporting nipple!

from TX!
wearing 2-5/8" hollow bamboo plugs!

Our friend

wearing his
bronze Protong earweights!

Paddy from Body Shock
in Dublin, Ireland, was so sad about his white teflon labret, he finally got this horn one from us!


from Mesa, AZ! Amazingly, he reports he got this shirt in the 90's and it still manages to clothe him

An EZLN supporter

from Mexico! Sporting an Organic hoodie with anatomical heart

from WI!
Wears two bamboo plugs through one piercing; he loves that they don't make his ears stink!


from Yoni Tattoo, CA with his 2" horn Jolly Roger pirate plugs! Yaaarg!

Pops and John!

from Chaos Ephex, MI sporting Kikuyu style bamboo plugs and their Organic stickers and shirts!


from Seven Seas Tattoos in Nebraska with a straight horn septum spike!

Email us photos with Organic LLC jewelry in use!

Send 'em on over!

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