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:: Wholesale prices (to shops) are listed :: Retail prices (to individuals) are double ::

There are two options for retail customers (individuals) to order Organic jewelry:

A) CONTACT US, preferably by phone.

B) BUY LOCALLY. Shops will place an order with us on your behalf.
ANY professional piercing shop can do this, just have your local favorite contact us.
If you already have an established relationship with a local shop, please contact them directly.
If you don't already have a relationship with a nearby establishment,
we'll be happy to recommend shops near you that know our wares.
Let us know your zip code, and hopefully we can turn you on to a store that can take care of you.

Remember: prices listed are wholesale; retail prices are double.

Please note: This is a wholesale website and is geared towards those working professionally in the body art fields and intending to resell the items. All of our prices listed on this site, and on our paper price list and catalog pages are wholesale. This excludes non-body jewelry items such as bracelets, anklets, necklaces, pendants, hairsticks, books, magazines, posters, wallhangings, t-shirts, o-ring kits, amber and copal specimens, dice, jewelry boxes, phallocrypts, butterflies and other insects, and lotus shoes. We sell at wholesale prices to the trade only; retail customers (individuals) pay twice the listed prices for jewelry.

The focus of Organic LLC is wholesale to the trade (i.e. body piercing studios, tattoo shops, and stores selling piercing jewelry). Wholesale customers are those that intend to buy jewelry to be resold in a retail store. We may ask wholesale customers to provide: a photocopy of their business or wholesale license or seller's permit to prove that there is a legitimate business; and a business card, letterhead stationary, or an ad in a local paper or the yellow pages of the phone book to prove that the business is in the body modification industry. This is to protect our core customers, retail shops, so that we do not compete with them by selling jewelry for wholesale to individuals. Jewelry purchased or intended for individual use will be sold at retail prices.

We know this will only apply to very few people reading this, but it needs to be said:
please do not misrepresent yourself, we do not appreciate it and would never do that to you.

There's no big secret - here's the reality of wholesalers like us: we don't have the overhead that our retailers do, as we don't have a physical store or storefront, nor do we have the time, energy, or employees to deal with all the individual jewelry customers that have been contacting us with important questions, calls, letters, and e-mails. That's why we recommend supporting your local piercing shop who can give you the time, service, and space that we cannot provide. Retail shops mark up the wholesale prices they have paid for merchandise to cover the overhead expenses (such as payroll, equipment, time, display cases, training, rent, etc.) that are needed to provide goods, services, and experience to you, and the opportunity to see merchandise and ask questions in person rather than over the internet, on the telephone, or through a catalog. What they decide to mark it up to is up to them, for example, they may not mark it up to the 2X average; but then again, perhaps their policy is to mark things up 3X or some other amount.

Another thing that distributors, wholesalers, and retail stores are able to do is to buy in bulk. This allows them to receive quantity pricing that would not be available even if another entity, buying wholesale, only wants one of something. Sometimes the prices they are then able to offer to their retail customers are now as low as, or even lower than, wholesale pricing. Items may go through many sets of hands before they reach the end user. Middlepeople provide the service of hooking up goodies with those who want them. Sometimes this is achieved by having a showroom, a website, lots of contacts, or attending trade shows; or providing services beyond what a manufacturer provides, such as adding packaging, measuring, quality checking, descriptive information about the products, etc. Other middlepeople are there to provide the service of hooking up goodies with those who are able to sell them to those who want them. There are even middlepeople who are there to provide the service of hooking up goodies with those who are able to sell them to those who are able to sell them to those who want them, etc. Supply and demand. Enough of economics!

We know it may seem harsh to have to stare at wholesale prices but then double it to arrive at retail prices. We are being as honest as possible. This is how it works - it's just that you normally don't see this stuff being disclosed. Any time you purchase something, a mark-up has been built into the price. We sincerely hope that this is not news to you, and our intent is not to offend by making this reality visible.

We can probably recommend a shop near you that carries our jewelry, or that can order pieces on your behalf if you would prefer to buy locally. Please email us with the name of your city, state, and zip code, and we will hopefully be able to turn you on to a nice local joint.

If there is a local shop or acquaintance that you think would like our goodies, feel free to pass along our contact info and link to this site. We'd be happy to send out extra copies of our catalog and business cards if you'd like to pass some along to shopkeepers, family, or friends. Just let us know; we really appreciate it!

We do offer jewelry to individuals at retail prices (currently twice the wholesale prices) as a service to those who may not have a shop within reasonable distance that carries our jewelry, or for those who really prefer shopping online and going through mail-order. Yes, we do retail orders all of the time. There is currently no minimum order, but we do not send packages where the shipping is more than the goodies.

Special Deals

Keep an eye on this section for shifting specials offered to retail customers only!
Please mention the "website retail sale" to get these special deals.
Custom orders and items not in stock are excluded.
This applies only to orders placed over the telephone, no e-mails please. Thanks!

  • If your total retail order exceeds $1000, you'll get knocked down to wholesale pricing (50% off)!
    In other words, single orders totalling $500 wholesale can be sold to retail customers at wholesale prices.
    Friends are welcome to lump their orders together to get this deal, but we will only accept payment and ship to a single address, and please, have only one person be our contact and call in the complete order.
    This is, however, mainly intended for new businesses within the industry who do not yet have proof.

  • The following items are sold at wholesale prices to retail customers!
    • Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, anklets, and hairsticks, in any material.
    • All items appearing on the Twilight page:
      primarily Baltic amber and silver pendants and necklaces, jet beads, Russian birch bark boxes, amber specimens, and other items with Nordic and Celtic themes.
    • ALL jewelry that wholesales at $151 and up... (ABOVE $150)!
      Please read this again, as the wording has been chosen very carefully; several people have been confused. We do NOT mean that if something wholesales at close to $150, a few dollars can be tacked on to get items at close to wholesale. Nor do we mean the total of the order. We specifically mean individual pairs of jewelry.
    • Hollow silver plugs with cut out stars along the front flares that are OVER 1" are on sale,
      AND the same price for retail vs. wholesale folks, AND silver prices have not been raised.
    • Several pieces of old Thai hilltribe ear jewelry as marked on our ethnic jewelry of SE Asia page
      is offered at the same price for retail customers.
    • Many items on page six and ten of the catalog, including:
      bracelets, butterflies, skulls, Nepalese decorated goat skulls, New Guinea masks and necklaces, nautilus shells, wooden and horn combs, headdresses, a single Gujarati plug, and Nepalese metal Tantric figurines!
    • Non-jewelry items such as: t-shirts, New Guinea penis gourds (aka phallocrypts), o-ring kits, amber and copal specimens, jewelry boxes, mounted butterflies and other insects, dice, books, magazines, posters, tattoo instruments, wallhangings, and lotus shoes.
    • Be sure to check out our Etsy page for bulk and unfinished items, raw materials, odds and ends, inlay materials, and other useful things for other makers. Many items are available at discounted prices - some even below wholesale!

  • Please note: we do not make exceptions. However, here are a few other ideas:
    • Have a local shop order on your behalf. They will pay the wholesale price to us. Their markup, and their end retail price to you, may be different than what we charge (which is twice that of the wholesale prices shown). Also, you can see the jewelry in person, you can pay them in person, they probably accept different forms of payment than we do (such as credit cards), and you would not have to worry about shipping (though what they paid to have the items sent to them may be built into the end price to you).
      Body piercing studios can help with measuring, healing, stretching, and installation questions as well.
    • Consider trading! Information and ideas can be found here.

Please contact us with your orders and questions!
We give priority to calls rather than emails. We appreciate it!
(503) 240-0260
12noon to 4pm Pacific Time
(although we are usually here until 7pm)
Monday through Friday.

Please note any time zone differences.
We'll be happy to call you back if you'd like to keep your phone bill down - just ask!!!

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:: Wholesale prices (to shops) are listed :: Retail prices (to individuals) are double ::


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